These terms are associated with the products included in the digital assets library, that can be found on my online store hosted by Gumroad.

These terms are intended to be as liberal as they can be. Once purchased, all files can be used royalty free, and also for any commercial project. I am still considered to be the creator and copyright owner of the original files, but grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual license to use these digital assets in your own projects. The files do not necessarily need to be modified and adapted, however they should be used in conjunction with other material of your own. You may however, use multiple files entirely from the digital assets library in order to create new derivative works. For example you may use 5 images from the library to create 1 final piece that you may call your own work, which you will own the copyright to. Having said this, I will still retain ownership of the original stock files that have been used.

Please note that I, Christopher Page may use any of these digital assets in my own productions and compositions.

For Digital Asset Creators:

You may create adaptations of the original files, in order to create new digital assets of your own. All that I ask is that the original file is unrecognisable, so that there is clear distinction that you are the new copyright owner of the newly created file. For example, you may take a drum sound from the library, add a distortion effect, and then bounce out a new file. I am ok with you calling this your own work as long as there has been enough processing to alter the original sound. What classes as “enough processing” is subjective, so therefore all I ask is that you respect my request for you to do this, as I will not pursue legal action against you, regardless of the circumstances. This means that in theory you can apply as much or as little processing as you like; all I ask is that you try to create something new. If your adaptation ends up to be very similar to the original, I still grant you permission to use it, however next time please try to create something more unrecognisable to the original. You are allowed to sell your new creations, as long as they are in no way linked to my work. You may not use my name in the title of your new product; you may however, mention my name in the description of your work if talking about the creation process. If new files are created, where no processing has been applied, I will still retain copyright ownership of that new file, as no adaptations have been made to the original content; just because the content exists within a new stand-alone file, it does not mean the ownership is therefore transferred.

With regards to the products sold to you, the only restriction is that you do not resell the digital asset collections themselves, upload them anywhere, share them, make them available for free download, or claim them as your own. If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me at: