How Frequently Should You Post To Social Media?


Using social media regularly is very important for a business. Although having said this, how much is “too much” and how much is “too little”? How can we get the most out of social media, without going too far?

Social media is very popular, and is a great outlet for any business to get their message out to an audience. However, there are certain rules and unspoken codes of conduct, which should be followed and not abused. For example, posting to social media 15 times a day, every day, is way too heavy. This is a great example of how to abuse social media very quickly; and people will recognise that you are doing this, and will most likely ignore your content.

My golden rule for posting to social media, is a maximum of 1, per day. However, this should not be every day; the maximum I post to 1 channel is between 3 and 4 times a week, depending on what is happening that week. There are ways around this, and I do actually post 6 or 7 times in a week, but my content is split between 3 different channels, which follows a very important number sequence to make sure that I’m not putting out too much content, and more importantly, I’m not overloading myself with too much work. It’s also important to mention here, that these 3 different channels are focused around different topics, and not the same area of interest. Having 3 channels all producing the same type of content, would be totally pointless.

The reason you do not want to post to the same channel 7 times a week, is because people need a break from you. It is better to be modest and considered when posting online, and not to bombard people with information, because it will actually go against you if you do that. People do not like to be spammed, and people are getting smarter with regards to what’s happening on the internet, and becoming much more sensitive to things that impact them negatively.

To summarise, keep your free content frequent, and post to a set schedule; that way people will know you’re doing a video on Tuesday for example. It is better to grow your business slowly, than to rush to the finish line, stepping all over people along the way. Be humble, be modest, slow and steady wins the race!