The Objective Standpoint


There are so many opinions that are being added to the collective pot, that it is very important to recognise that one should aim to see life from an objective perspective. Try to take the subjective opinion out of the equation, because then we are falling into belief.

When we argue a point, it’s important to recognise that our subjective perspective is not necessarily wrong, however it does limit us. We can easily become fixated on the “right” way, or ignore a good point that has been presented. This is where the problems in conflict exist, due to a lack of openness and the ability to consider both points of view. It is therefore of interest to all peoples involved to exercise balance within their ability to present information in a discussion or debate.

Wise speech and wise action are two vital practises on the spiritual path, and it is the responsibility of everyone incarnate on the Earth plane to recognise that words hold tremendous power; power that can be used for good, or used for more destructive purposes. To practice balance within speech is an advanced task, as it is so easy to slip into the confines of belief and limit oneself by the walls of restriction, that have been placed upon oneself.

Become conscious of the words you say, and the way you deliver your argument. Notice when you are arguing for the sake of arguing, and recognise that peace is your saving grace. The objective standpoint is by far the greatest position to exist in, but it most certainly comes with its challenges. How does one stay in a space of objectivity, when one wants to share their subjective views? Food for thought perhaps, but allow yourself to become more conscious around this area of development.