Density In Politics


Does debate really create movement, or is it simply a way to argue with one another? Political parties seem to spend so much time arguing about what to do, that it detracts away from the implementation of ideas.

Is this avoidable? Is debate a natural part of the political process? I’m not here to necessarily give answers to these questions, my purpose is really to raise more questions. How much time and money is wasted on campaigns, where that energy could be used more constructively? Although having said this, what would happen if one party did not compete with the other via these means? Would it be detrimental to that party’s image, or would it go in their favour?

Regardless of who is right or wrong, or who has the “best” manifesto, there is one thing that is very apparent; modern politics is very dense and exists at a very slow rate of vibration. It is asking for the light to enter it, and raise its frequency from density to lightness. What does this mean? Politics is very much entrenched in the earthly, physical reality. Whereas spirituality, is of a different vibration entirely.

The reason spirituality is associated with the light, is because it is light in vibration. Therefore, that energy can be applied to areas of density, and has the ability to shift and alter the state of things; and vice versa. If we want the density to shift from politics, we have to allow for something much greater to enter the current paradigm; perhaps a political-spiritual hybrid. It’s not about making our current political structure redundant, but it is asking to be altered.

What is this spiritual energy that could benefit the political systems today? Perhaps an understanding of our true nature? An understanding of oneness, not division and separateness? Knowing that the opposing party is really no more than another member of your spiritual family? The importance of compassion, love and kindness? This is just food for thought, as there are perhaps multiple answers to these questions. Where does humanity want to go next? Down into the density, or upwards towards the light?