Foundations Of Morality


There is so much in our world that goes unnoticed; so much contradiction and imbalance that just does not make sense. How is it possible for someone to say one thing, and then do the complete opposite? This is the very nature of the universe.

Therefore, now that we understand that polarity has a huge role in this, we are able to be the observer. It is important to see life from both sides of the coin so to speak, and to view life with an open mind. Humanity loves to look for one conclusive answer, but what if there are multiple answers to our questions? What if they are all right, and perhaps all wrong at the same time? It is this ability to look at things objectively, that humanity is often lacking.

Having said this, morality suggests that there is a “right” way, however it is important to recognise that it’s opposite polarity is not “wrong”; perhaps a better word, is just “unadvisable”.  We create the idea of right and wrong, but is it really the case? Does “wrong” and “bad” really exist, or is it all subjective? Does the sun stop shining when it is behind the clouds? People would argue that they’re in a state of darkness, but does that really exist or is it just perspective?

I am therefore saying to you, that it is important to question all things that exist within yourself. Where is the light? And where is the density? Again, this is not to be considered as “good and bad”, “right and wrong”, but to see this as something that exists, and just is what it is. It is often our own feelings that cloud our judgements, but it is always important to ask why we feel a certain way, and are we limiting ourselves in the process?